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These website designs are only a part of Jason's portfolio. His skillset extends into the areas of front-end website development, technical writing and web content editing.

Web Design
From brand creation to template and wireframe design to flash animation, Jason revels in the creative process. His favorite tools are Adobe Photoshop and Flash, but is well-versed in many applications.

Front-End Development
Inside Jason's development toolbox you'll find HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP & MySQL and more. He is practiced in many content management systems, code editors and WYSIWYG applications, but prefers to write code "by hand".

Technical Writing
Jason comes from a writing background, having earned a B.A. in Professional Writing. User manuals, style guides, online help tools, product articles, and product documentation are all examples of the types of writing he has enjoyed.

Content Editor
In addition to basic copyediting, Jason is experienced in ensuring web content adheres to stylistic and substantive guidelines. He is an expert in Section 508 compliance and other regulations for federally-funded websites.